More Important Things to Know About New York Traffic Tickets


FIRST: New York courts have wide ranges of punishments for most offenses, including traffic violations.

Ticket fines can range from $ 0 to hundreds of dollars. It is completely in the Judge's discretionary powers. 

SECOND: New York courts will potentially assess points for each ticket, fines for each ticket, a NYS surcharge per ticket, and maybe even a three year NYS DMV surcharge due to the points.

THIRD: Even if you get a plea bargain (reduction offer) from a District Attorney's office, the Judge can choose to accept or reject it entirely or in part. Again, this is in their discretion as Justices.  It is just as important to try to convince a Judge to reduce a ticket as it is to convince the Prosecutor!

Be careful treading these waters. You can always do it alone or you can hire a seasoned navigator familiar with these changing seas. The choice is always yours.

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