The New York Conditional License


If you are permitted to participate in the DDP (Drunk Driving Program), then, absent any aggravating factors, you are also eligible for a conditional license. Although there are limitations imposed on the holder of a conditional license, it does allow you to drive under the following conditions: 

  1. To and from your employment and during employment when required; 
  2. To and from a class or activity that is part of your rehabilitation program; 
  3. To and from classes at an accredited school or vocational institute; 
  4. To and from any court ordered probation activities; 
  5. To and from the DMV for the transaction of business associated with the license or program; 
  6. To and from medical treatment for yourself or a member of your household (requires a letter from a licensed medical practitioner); 
  7. During a period of three consecutive daytime hours; 
  8. To and from a place, including a school, where your children are cared for and that is necessary to maintain your employment or enrollment in school.

(See Section 1196[7](a) of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.) 

The cost for the conditional license is approximately $75.00; this is in addition to the fee to enroll in the DDP (approximately $225.00). It will cost you an additional $25.00 to return your conditional license to the DMV. One third of all DDP attendees are sent for additional assessments and/or treatment. If the Department of Motor Vehicles determines that he/she is in need of additional counseling, failure to complete that treatment will result in the revocation of all driving privileges including revocation of a conditional license.

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