What are the "Serious" Traffic Tickets in New York?


The Trio of Serious Traffic Offenses (aka "Serious Traffic Violations") include:

Unsafe (moving from) Lane Change - VTL 1128(a) 

Speeding 15 mph or more - VTL 1180(d)

Following Too Closely - VTL 1129(a)

NOT included is Reckless Driving - VTL 1212 (which is another "Serious Traffic Violation"), but is classified as a misdemeanor (crime) under NYS law. The above are all violation-level (non-criminal) but are still considered "serious" under New York State Insurance Law.

The Consequences of Convictions of these "Serious" Offenses:

  • Insurance Rate Increases (under NYS law for up to three years)
  • Potential Driver's License Suspensions for multiple violations
  • Increased Dangers and Sensitivities to CDL (commercial driver license) holders
  • Points, Fines, and NYS DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment Surcharges

If you get cited for any of the above-listed tickets, we strongly suggest you contact a local attorney familiar with these kind of tickets, because they can have far-reaching consequences.  Call us: 607-229-5184

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